omg you guys. o. m. g.

I finally, finally, finally, after months and months and months, redid my website design.  Sort of.  I just widened it and updated the writing and links section.  And got rid of the comics section, since I don’t do that anymore.  But it looks a lot better!  I forget that a lot of people have big monitors now with high resolutions, so having a larger website is kind of necessary.

The writing section is now full of things you can actually read, rather than bits of text that were supposed to become links but did nothing of the sort.  I even included all of my plays that I’ve written.  While I’d rather them be in some Samuel French book, this will do for now.  I want people to read my work and respond to it, and that’s hard to do for me right now, being in this city and not really knowing a lot of theatre people.

The only thing I need to do now is make up a new image logo at top. I’m still using the old one and as you can see, there’s a lot of white (or gray) space to the right.  Oh well.  I just wanted to get the damn thing coded and updated before I worked on a new image.  Maybe I’ll get inspired again, like I did today.  God, it feels good to finish this damn thing.

My inspiration came from the fact that StumbleUpon somehow got ahold of the martainrandom roommate story I’ve had on my site for years.  In the  month of November (so far) I’ve had over 40,000 visits.  My bandwidth is way over but my webmaster is being awesome and not shutting it down.

I guess if this thing goes crazy viral I’ll have to take it down, just to conserve my bandwidth.  Plus you never know if those Something Awful goons will come find me and issue a cease and desist letter.  Still, most people will enjoy this story but never be on the SA forums ever, so maybe it’s a good thing.

Either way, that’s my update for you all.  I wish that I had the time or energy to update this blog for realz, but honestly, I’ve been really boring lately.  Except we got kittens.  But that requires an epic level blog post, because our kittens are EPIC.

So do yourself a favor and check the site out, read some stuff, let me know what you think about it.  I’ll be back with another blog post soon, I promise!

the new wordpress design! updates! big announcement! etc!

WordPress recently released a 2010 update of their primary design.  Those of you, well, most of you know the old WP default design — it screamed “ten years ago.”  The new design is slick and incorporated all kinds of nice things, plus, in general, it’s just bigger.  Sometimes I forget what year it is; I still think there are people out there who view websites in 800×600 resolution, or, I don’t know, have balls still in their mouses.  I don’t know.  My girlfriend got me hooked on Masters of Orion recently so I still think it’s 1993.  Whatever.

I thought my old blog design was pretty neat.  I liked that I could put widgets on both sides of the text.  But let’s face it, it was small and hard to read, and now that people have 42″ LCD monitors with resolutions up to 10000x42googols.  People these days don’t read text that’s small.  Back in my day all we had was text!  We didn’t have embeddable video!  You had to take the afternoon off of work to download one 2 minute porn video you somehow snatched off alt.facefuck, and even then, the quality was horrible and you could never tell if that was a penis or a baseball bat.

It’s the future.  Text is bigger now.  Forget that I’m still on a CRT 17″ with a 1024×768 resolution, or that the top left part of my screen is kind of flickering a bit.  Forget that nonsense.  What’s true is that people have monitors the size of baseball fields now, and those monitors need text that is readable.  People don’t want to have to zoom into every page, even though that zoom info gets saved.  Forget that!  People don’t have time for that.

Anyway, I changed the design.  I also finally got off my ass and got my ass in this chair and fixed up, my “professional” site.  Check it out!  I made the whole site bitter (1024 instead of 800), made the text bigger, and incorporated social media badges.  I feel like I just conquered the social media Pokemon gyms.  I streamlined the whole site, too, paring it down to the necessities, and linking to some outside sites (like Bandcamp) for my music stuff.  I think it looks better, and I hope you do too.

You’ll notice if you head to the Music section of that I have a collage of all the albums I’ve released thus far.  At the bottom of that image it says “THE LAST FOUR ALBUMS GO HERE.”  Well, that is an announcement.  But not one I’m going to make right now.  I guess it’s a big announcement but size is relative in this case.  Sort of.

Next up, I’m going to redesign so that it incorporates my current ventures better.  And also edit the third chapter of Quake Saga.  Because that’s what I do, holmes!

a quick update

jello puddin pops

jello puddin pops

Here is a picture of me from New Years Eve.  The caption is there because sometimes, in the right light, I look like I’m doing a Bill Cosby impression.

Here are a few updates from my life:

1. I have started running.  By “started” I mean I literally started today; I ran/walked for about 20 minutes.  I have started a blog about this, and you can read it here: Josh Goes A’Running.  I won’t write about it here, though.  This blog is for self-deprecation and my strange mental patterns.

2. February Album Writing Month is next month (obviously), and I am participating.  I suggest that if you want to listen to the songs I create, you head to my profile there, as I am not going to update my blog about it, because that just seems redundant.  Also, if you are a songwriter or have ever wanted to be a songwriter, I suggest you sign up!  It’s an amazing community full of professionals and amateurs (and people like me, somewhere in the middle), who are all extremely helpful and kind.  It’s almost annoying how nice they are!  If you do sign up, say hello on my soundboard thingy and I will certainly listen or read your stuff!

3. I’m thinking about dumping the website.  This will be done because it seems awkward to run two completely separate websites, when all of the good stuff is here on this site.  My new plan is to merge the webspace together (as I had separated it earlier) and just forward to, or perhaps to a subdomain on  What do you think?  Do you even give a shit?1

4. There is no four.

I said that I would update this blog more and I have been lax about even that, and I apologize.  Truth is, not much is going on in my life right now besides working and watching every episode of 30 Rock on Netflix.  C’est la vie!

  1. It’s okay if you don’t.

new site design! & new sites!

Those of you who actually visit this site (rather than just subscribing to the blog1) will notice a new site design.  I’ve removed the music aspect of the previous design and made this site into more of the personal, writing-oriented site that I intended.  My writing and comics will be the main focus of this site.  I hope you think it looks spiffy.  I think it looks very spiffy, and it’s quick and all that.

None of the writing stuff is actually available yet, though.  It takes a while to build pages for each thing that I write, and I just wanted to get the design up first so that it was obvious that the direction of the site was changing (really just going back to its roots).

Regarding comics: the real reason Test Comic hasn’t been updated in a month or whatever is not because I am lazy, but because my computer FREEZES every. single. time I try to make a new comic.  There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up Photoshop, loading the sprite sheets and backgrounds, making everything look nice and pretty, and having the computer freeze 3/4th of the way through the process.  I am on a path to purchase a new computer, which will take me a couple of weeks of work.  Once that happens, though, expect new comics and all sorts of fun stuff.


I now have websites for Here Lies Laika and King of Trees, my two musical side projects.  The King of Trees site is here:, while the Here Lies Laika one is here: (and is not linked because I haven’t even started it yet!).  Expect awesome stuff to come from those sites very soon.

What about me?  Well I’ve got a blog coming up very soon about how I played hooky from work and got caught.  I am also working on a new EP, because I recently purchased an electric guitar and distortion pedal, and I’ve got three songs that kick ass and am working on more.  My love life is still dismal and I purchased the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons books the other weekend.  So we can see where I’m headed.  Hopefully I pull my ostrich head out of the sand soon and check out the world.

I thank you all for reading and sticking around, though.  You’re all nice people.

  1. Which is still very nice of you.

changes coming into effect from now until marchishish

Okay! has been registered and is now awaiting a large transferral of files.  So here’s a quick breakdown of what going to happen with that website and with this one:

1. Most importantly, the “music” portion of this website will be transferred to  That includes the 12 EP Project as well as my free, internet-only album How I Remember You.  All music stuff will be located in the directory, EXCEPT FOR the 12 EP Project, which will be located at (just because it looks prettier than

2. will contain two main portions: acting and music.  It is my “professional” website, while (I registered them all!) is my “personal” website. will contain my acting resume and photos and headshots, and an EPK (that’s electronic press kit, not a fancy new pregnancy test) for my music.

3. will containg my writing (prose, poetry, etc) and my blog, and Test Comic and other nonsensical/silly stuff that I do.
3a. Unless someone decides to write something soon, I am ENDING the Trifecta blog.  It seems redundant if I’m the only one writing.  Plus it should be its own website, if anything.

I think that’s it.  Essentially, will be a sleeker, simpler site and will just contain all of the junk that I like to do.

I don’t expect this to be a quick process, but I do expect it to happen in fits and bursts, probably on weekends.  So don’t freak out if something suddenly moves or disappears — chances are it’s probably on the other site.

Okay!  Thanks for following along, I hope this isn’t too confusing, and I hope you enjoy (when it goes live).