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Oh, hey, there, blog. Nice to see you. Hope you’ve been doing well, as I languish in introspective stagnation. I have something for you today, though. Oh yes. It’s music for running!

I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K program for the past seven weeks, with only two more to go. My progress has been amazing, not to toot my own horn. I went from barely being able to run 60 seconds without clutching my knees like that episode of the Simpsons when Marge joins the police force and Homer tries to run after her1, to being able to run longer than 20 minutes without even getting especially winded. It’s fantastic. I actually started C25K three times. The first time I couldn’t get past week two, the second time I got sick after week three, and this time is the third time, and I suppose it is also the charm.

I’ve been using Robert Ullery’s C25K podcasts to help me run. The first two times I started I was just using my cell phone’s stopwatch feature, which was just really annoying. But Robert’s podcasts have some decent electronica music and he chimes in and lets you know when to start or stop running, which is frequent in the first few weeks, and they became invaluable to my success in keeping track of my running.

But eventually I knew I was going to get to this place: long stretches of running with no intervals. I just finished Week Seven, which was three days of 25 minute runs (bookended with five minute warmup/cooldown walks). I decided this week to use a custom playlist of music, which I figured would give me even more morale to run because it was music that I enjoyed, and music that pumped me up. Turns out it worked really well!

So I am going to post these songs, with tracklists, so if you’re doing C25K and you want some fun music, you can choose to download these. Week Seven’s music is a little off in terms of specific running and stopping times, but Week Eight is pretty spot on.

Without further ado, here we go! [please note that Week Nine’s playlist will be next week]

Week Seven (and also Day Three of Week Six!)


Warmup Track: Massive Attack – Teardrop
Anamanaguchi – Aurora (Meet Me in the Stars) [going from Teardrop to this really gets me in the mood to run!]
!!! – Heart of Hearts
George & Jonathan – The Next Best Thing
Isaac Quatorze – (Super) Super Horrocious
Le Tigre – Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior remix) [this song is the fucking bomb]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – This Love is Fucking Right! [I put this here specifically because I knew it would pump me up for the last three minutes, which is exactly what you need]
Cooldown Track: Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know [it’s quiet, but it’s good]
and bonus: Tenacious D – Cock Pushups

Week Eight!


Warmup Track: Andrew Bird – A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
Cassius – The Sound of Violence [if this song doesn’t pump you up, you have no heart]
The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
Junior Senior – Rhythm Bandits [almost three minutes, and perhaps a time to push a little bit]
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert
The Go! Team – Bottlerocket (Single Version)
Jimmy Eat World – Just Tonight…
Hedwig and the Angry Inch – Angry Inch [I thought it would be funny to use a song about a physical angry inch to remind me that my metaphorical “inch” of running was almost over. so there]
Cooldown Track: Blur – Beetlebum

Week Nine Coming Next Week!

So, I don’t know, maybe you’re interested in running, maybe not, and even if you’re not, these are nice little playlists of music. So … there!

After Week Nine I plan on making various 30 minute playlists. Or perhaps just make actual playlists (rather than podcasts, which these are) just so I have enough music to last an entire 5k, however long that takes me to run. Either way, music is a tremendous motivator in my run, and maybe it can be a motivator in yours, too!

(Also, if you’re reading this and maybe want me to do a full-program C25K podcast, let me know. I’ve been thinking about it!)

  1. Tried to find a clip on YouTube, NO DICE.

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