Weight: 258.7
lb fat: 75.9
% fat: 29.4
% water: 51.5
% bone: 9.4
BMI: 30.8

A slight gain from last week, but overall it could’ve been a lot worse. I’ve been weighing myself every day since the 8th, and the past couple of days have been a pound higher. I don’t plan on weighing myself every day of the year, only this month, just to get a sense of how my body weight works. It’s just interesting to me. Anyway…

I cheated the other day. Totally ruined my No Sugar January. I ate some Trader Joe’s cookies1 that my girlfriend had won in a white elephant gift exchange. I told her I would wait until February to eat them, but I didn’t. Couldn’t help myself. They were sitting on the top of the fridge, just staring at me in their hexagonal box, goading me on. There were four kinds, and I had one of each. That’s it. Four cookies. Pretty tame, actually, compared to my usual cycle of buying a sleeve of Oreos from the corner store and chowing down on them with a tall glass of milk. But still. Four cookies. Ruined my month.

Okay, not really. Always look on the bright side, right? It was only four cookies. The bad news is that I’m starting to slide back into some bad habits, mostly because of school and the necessity of good food taking a backseat to education. But I’m also working out more than I did before, so hopefully it balances itself out enough that I still lose weight. I can’t help being super hungry after working out, but I can help myself by eating right.

  1. Joe Joe’s, specifically

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