omg you guys. o. m. g.

I finally, finally, finally, after months and months and months, redid my website design.  Sort of.  I just widened it and updated the writing and links section.  And got rid of the comics section, since I don’t do that anymore.  But it looks a lot better!  I forget that a lot of people have big monitors now with high resolutions, so having a larger website is kind of necessary.

The writing section is now full of things you can actually read, rather than bits of text that were supposed to become links but did nothing of the sort.  I even included all of my plays that I’ve written.  While I’d rather them be in some Samuel French book, this will do for now.  I want people to read my work and respond to it, and that’s hard to do for me right now, being in this city and not really knowing a lot of theatre people.

The only thing I need to do now is make up a new image logo at top. I’m still using the old one and as you can see, there’s a lot of white (or gray) space to the right.  Oh well.  I just wanted to get the damn thing coded and updated before I worked on a new image.  Maybe I’ll get inspired again, like I did today.  God, it feels good to finish this damn thing.

My inspiration came from the fact that StumbleUpon somehow got ahold of the martainrandom roommate story I’ve had on my site for years.  In the  month of November (so far) I’ve had over 40,000 visits.  My bandwidth is way over but my webmaster is being awesome and not shutting it down.

I guess if this thing goes crazy viral I’ll have to take it down, just to conserve my bandwidth.  Plus you never know if those Something Awful goons will come find me and issue a cease and desist letter.  Still, most people will enjoy this story but never be on the SA forums ever, so maybe it’s a good thing.

Either way, that’s my update for you all.  I wish that I had the time or energy to update this blog for realz, but honestly, I’ve been really boring lately.  Except we got kittens.  But that requires an epic level blog post, because our kittens are EPIC.

So do yourself a favor and check the site out, read some stuff, let me know what you think about it.  I’ll be back with another blog post soon, I promise!

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