music roundup

Fleet Foxes! Fleet Foxes is out and it is great! It’s just like their demos on their myspace, but better. It’s a great summery folky album with lots of cathedral-esque reverb. Everyone should listen to it with their blinds open, or outside, maybe while fishing. I bet it’s a great fishing album. Or maybe on a long drive down a country backroad. While blowing the seeds off a dandelion. I don’t know.

I also got the new Weezer album … I consider it a step up from Make Believe, but still not even as good as the Green Album, which means they’ve still got a ways to go before they reach Blue status. I doubt they ever will. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean that I think Rivers is done writing songs that are socially relevant in the way Blue was. I mean, nerds loved that album, let’s just be honest about it. And Pinkerton. They shaped a nation of true emo kids, back when emo was sweater vests and quiet songs, and when Dashboard Confessional was relevant. Not this dress all in black shit.

Anyway, Rivers is too old to write songs like that. He doesn’t have those problems anymore. Does that mean he should stop making music? Of course not. In a way it means he gets to write about whatever he wants — which he does these days. But sonically, aurally, I guess, as an album, Maladroit and Make Believe weren’t that great. At least Red sounds good. It has a good flow to it, and some of the songs rock out and some fall flat (Heart Songs, anyone?). I really like the Pat Wilson song, Automatic, though. I like Wilson’s stuff. The Special Goodness is nice, I think.

Oh yeah, that was the other album I got. Land, Air, Sea or whatever it’s called. I like it. It’s a bit samey, but it’s good and rockin’, and Pat really knows how to shred.

Well, right now I’m working on yet another play idea. I won’t talk about it other than to say it’s kind of epic, which is cool. So I’ll continue with that. ‘Til we meet again!

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